The liberalization of the energy market and the knowledge concerning the needs of customers, has created new perspectives and opportunities for Green Lights, thanks to which, we became a highly reliable and reputable partner in supplying energy for many companies all over Poland.

The company is made up of a team of energy professionals, who took the challenge of creating a new standard in serving enterprises in the scope of selling energy. Being concentrated on Customers located in shopping centers, office buildings, commercial buildings and logistic centers around the country, we do our best so that finally it is our Customers, who can take advantage of the benefits coming from our scale in energy market.


We are constantly fighting to increase our position on the market so that, from year to year, our growing number of Customers could receive a more valuable proposition.

Support from International investors and the deep knowledge of the energy market as well as technical knowledge enable us to develop fast and concentrate on selecting the right target of the market. We constantly force the market to changes according to new standards and solutions introduced by us.